Zoe Pessin Jessie Rizzo on More Time with Family
zoeI always look forward to working with Devon! I booked roles on Austin & Ally and the (Matt Damon & Ben Affleck produced) pilot More Time with Family thanks to her coaching”
Pamela Fisher Head of Youth Division at Abrams Artists Agency
Devon Odessa is one of the best acting teachers and coaches I have ever worked with. She’s able to couple her training with a unique nurturing technique that helps her students not only get the call back, but book the job. I have known Devon for years and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is my secret weapon!”
”Noah ”Gibby
noahI love Devon, she is a very relatable coach who makes you feel comfortable, and helps you get on your feet as an actor.  She teaches you how to approach and breakdown a script so you are fully prepared.”
”Greg ”Parents
Devon is the real deal.  An acclaimed actress, who truly knows how to coach other aspiring actors, our kids have grown the most being a part of her classes and coaching.”
Cozi Zuehlsdorff Star of Dolphin Tale
coziI love how Devon videotapes us reading scenes so we can see how our emotions translate onscreen. That way, we not only benefit from her comments and advice; we also get to be critiqued by our own worst critics…ourselves. It’s exciting to watch each other grow!”
Allison Zuehlsdorff Mother of Cozi Zuehlsdorff
Devon is an invaluable part of Cozi’s team! Being an actress herself, she has taught Cozi a lot about how to give honest, quirky, funny or serious performances as well as what to expect in a variety of audition situations. In fact, I believe Devon’s coaching was one of the biggest reasons Cozi (as a complete newcomer) got the role of Hazel in Dolphin Tale.”
Daniel Polo Recurring on The Young and the Restless
Daniel PoloHollywood Kids is not just a preparation for acting; it is acting. You not only learn about your craft, you perfect it and Devon Odessa, the school’s founder is at the heart of it all. Not only is she a great actress, Devon is a wonderful teacher and coach. She puts her soul in her classes and transfers this passion unto her students, treating each and everyone of them as though they are her own. Every class with Devon is engaging, enlightening, helpful, and beneficial. Devon Odessa brings out the actor inside every student. She supports them when they are down and is honestly happy for them when they succeed. Devon Odessa is Hollywood Kids.”
”Ashlee ”Recurring
ashleeI love Devon, she is not only an incredible teacher but an incredible human being. I feel like I learn something new every time we work together and I’m really lucky to have found her. I wouldn’t be where I am without her help!”
”Jenny ”Mother
paceI just want to thank you for the wonderful job you have done teaching Amanda and Rachel. I have to say that they have learned so much from being in your acting class these past few months.  They have learned how to slate with more confidence, they are much more comfortable answering questions in front of the camera. During the first 3 months of this year they were called back on 5 of their 6 auditions and booked 2 of the jobs! I know this is a direct result of the training you have given them. I have also realized that in the past I did not have the training to teach them correctly how to perform their scenes for their soap opera and for movie auditions. I am definitely not an actor and it is so great that you are there for us when we need to prepare for a scene!  Thanks for all your help and we look forward to much success with you in the future!!”
”Kara ”Recurring
karaWorking with Devon has had a positive and great impact on my career. I am always so comfortable being with her yet she pushes my limits and keeps me on my toes. Her technique is both nurturing yet challenging. This combination has helped mold my craft, and has led to successful television and film credits. I’m so thankful to have such a reliable and wonderful teacher such as Devon to help me take risks and become the actor I am today.”
”Katelyn ”Recurring
katelynSince I started doing private coachings with Devon, my confidence in acting and in my life has grown tremendously. It was through that confidence she helped nurture, I was able to accomplish much more with my acting career and book the parts I wanted! I now go into auditions with a clearer picture of what I want to accomplish with the part, and she helps give me the tools to find it out! Devon is such a great coach for children and teens because she relates, is nurturing, and challenges me all at the same time. I’m so glad I’ve found Devon!””
”Sam ”Star
samNot only is Devon a great teacher, she is a great friend!”
Steve and Tammy Adler Parents of Sam Adler
We feel so lucky to have found Devon’s classes for our son. Her teaching, advice and experience in the industry has been invaluable to our son’s career. We know he is growing as an actor and booking more thanks to Devon!”